Due to that the rubbers of the arch type vibration chocks are thicker than this arch type vibration chocks that we produce at forward-backward, upward-downward movements, they have two angular surfaces and upper connecting piece is angular at forward-backward movements, this surface meets forces and vibration more flexibly.
Also as it will be seen in the following detail sizes, the arch system is strengthened with the feet and support rubbers. Our product codes are expressed as follows; “E: connection axis of the arch type vibration chocks is expressed as mm and inch.”
For example:Such as E:100-E:105-E:125-E:140-E:160-E:175-E:180-E:200-E:250-E:300

Each of our models has four types of tire hardness. Shore A has hardnesses of 40,50,60,70 and there can be an ( E ) axis strong enough to absorb it according to each hole axis.
Our KTVT arch type vibration chocks with KTVT-E:175 - 6 7/8" code is appropriate to YANMAR machine mount axes and it is more flexible. It can be easily connected to other engine mounts.

You may make selection of the KTVT arch type vibration chocks according to your engine.
If your engine is marine type, the ones shown as "Z" in the chart express kg/mm flexion.
The following hardness was given as Shore A: 40 , 50 , 60 , 70. The figure when the flexion kg value at 3 mm of the chart is divided into 10 is (HP) horsepower value corresponding to anti-vibration chocks. When multiplying with 4, you may find the power of the engine, this value is safety coefficient.
Example: If the old chock axis of the 80 HP in power is E: 140, you should use the vibration chock with KTVT E: 140, Shore A 50 hardness on the same axis because;
 Z value is equal to 190/3 mm;
It expresses 190 /10 = 19 HP x 4 = 76 HP.
            You may use the screw system at other machines related to the generator compressor vibration except marine.
and you can find the carrying power by taking the force from the 3 mm stretch and multiplying it with the amount of wedge assembled. This force is maximum. It can be reduced to 50% force.  

IMPORTANT: Protect your vibration chock and flexible rubber couplings from oil and motorine.
You can call our company for technical information.